Chairside Connection: Sleep deprivation and oral-systemic health

May 6, 2022
Sleep is an important part of good health, but how many of your patients are sleep deprived? How can oral health professionals help with this problem?

Who doesn't love a good night's sleep? You wake up refreshed and ready to take on the day. Unfortunately that restful night eludes many people and regular sleep deprivation can lead to health problems, including oral health challenges. I talked with wellness advocate Uche Odiato, DMD, about sleep deprivation and why it's an important area.

He said the topic of sleep can arise easily with dental patients, such as when we witness someone dozing during their early morning appointment or they mention that their spouse snores. How should we conduct these discussions? Sleep ties in to the important conversation of oral-systemic health because the mouth can also be affected by lack of sleep.

Dr. Odiato is extremely enthusiastic about the oral-systemic link and taking steps to stay healthy. Here's what he has to share with his dental peers about sleep and oral health in our discussion presented by Philips Oral Healthcare.

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