X Floss

New floss ideal for patients who need a little something extra

Jan. 15, 2014
Dental patients with implants, bridges, etc. will benefit from X-floss

Courtesy of RDH magazine.

You are going to love this unique floss! It's unlike any I have ever seen. Manufactured by the Australian company iDontix, this floss is ideal for patients with implants, bridges, braces, and wide perio spaces. X-Floss comes in three styles: X-Floss, X-Floss lite, and X-Ribbon.

X-Floss has a thick and bulky texture, but its flexibility makes it perfect for cleaning under bridges and around implants. Best of all, the attached "firm nylon threader" resists bending and buckling during use, making it easy to thread.

X-Floss lite is thicker than normal floss, but thinner than X-Floss, making it easier to adapt to tighter spaces. According to the manufacturer, this floss is soft enough to flatten out under tension while still providing effective interproximal cleaning. The added benefit of the attached threader makes it easy to get the floss where it's needed.

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X-Ribbon is "extreme floss for the large gaps." It's actually not floss at all, but a wide, textured gauze strip. The width of the gauze strip covers more surface area, and the coarse texture is designed to "grab" the plaque. X-Ribbon is perfect for patients who need to floss behind implant dentures, in gaps where teeth are missing, behind the last molar, and in areas of major recession and bone loss. X-Ribbon also has an attached threader.

Visit the iDontix website and check out the photo gallery for some great photographs of each of these products being used for different applications.

In addition to manufacturing innovative premium oral hygiene products, iDontix is the founder and sponsor of iHope, a charity that rescues orphans. Visit www.i-Hope.org.au to learn more about its projects. To request a free sample of X-Floss, visit idontix.com. If you're ready to buy, order directly from Henry Schein.