Accessible and affordable orthodontics from CandidPro

Sept. 2, 2021
When he was stunned by the price of orthodontic treatment, Nick Greenfield did something about it—cofounded Candid clear aligner and telehealth platform.
David R. Rice, DDS, Chief editor

CandidPro is the "new kid" on the orthodontic block, but they feel there's a real need for what they offer—affordable and accessible orthodontic treatment. Cofounder Nick Greenfield tells Dr. David Rice that he looked into clear aligners for himself in 2012, and was stunned by the cost. He immediately realized there was a need for something different.

"Affordability has been key from the beginning of Candid," he said. He and cofounder Lynn Hurst, DDS, put their vision to work and Candid and CandidPro is the result.

Candid offers accessible and affordable orthodontic treatment for patients by focusing on total patient health. The medical information Candid collects may indicate someone is not an immediate candidate for orthodontic treatment, and they recommend dental or medical treatment first.

CandidPro focuses on doctor-directed at-home clear aligner treatment via a telehealth platform, which dramatically decreases chairtime yet enables dentists to offer clear aligners at a reasonable price.

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David R. Rice, DDS | Chief editor

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