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3M launches world's first tablet-based mobile intraoral scanner

Oct. 11, 2016
3M has introduced the 3M Mobile True Definition Scanner, a tablet-based intraoral scanner.
3M has introduced the 3M Mobile True Definition Scanner, a tablet-based intraoral scanner.

Mobile tablets, commonplace in many aspects of clinical practice in health-care settings, have arrived in the dental industry with the introduction of the 3M Mobile True Definition Scanner, a tablet-based intraoral scanner that fits in your hand.

The compact, ergonomic design is similar to rechargeable tablets that patients and clinicians use in their daily lives, allowing clinicians to move freely between operatories without power cords or carts. Flexible mounting options help to minimize workspace clutter, offering more space for the clinician and assistant to maneuver in small spaces. Informed discussion and visual patient communication is made easy with a system that can be placed directly into the hands or lap of a patient, where they can experience a digital visualization of their oral anatomy and ultimately a better understanding of proposed treatments. With easy setup—users can unbox and scan in less than an hour—the 3M Mobile True Definition Scanner can seamlessly integrate into the practice.

“The 3M Mobile True Definition Scanner takes the patient experience to another level,” said Karen Burquest, digital oral care global business director at 3M Oral Care. “This scanner offers clinicians the flexibility to place the tablet in the patient’s hands so they can experience unprecedented access while the clinician educates them about the treatment process. Because the tablet is compact and operates on battery, clinicians can easily hand-carry the scanner between operatories. This scanner will impact the landscape of digital dentistry.”

Developed with the tradition of 3M science in mind, this new scanner is designed to deliver convenience for practitioners, as well as a memorable visual experience for the patient. “At 3M Oral Care, we are committed to inventing new products and processes that will positively impact a patients’ oral health for years to come,” concluded Burquest.

Restorations created from scans are proven to be accurate—and more consistently accurate—than other leading intraoral scanners, with a 99.7% fit rate, according to the manufacturer. This, paired with the smallest wand on the market, means scanning with this system is not only comfortable for clinician and patient alike, but it delivers precision clinicians can trust.

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Source: 3M press release, 6 October 2016

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