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New denture liner kit helps keep dentures in place

Feb. 4, 2013
Weber denture liners are a ready-to-use denture solution.

FREEHOLD, New Jersey--Originals By Weber owner Terry L. Weber has announced the availability of new Weber denture liners in a do-it-yourself, at-home kit.

The soft denture liner is a flexible, translucent, odorless, tasteless, putty-like compound made to fill the gaps created by the slow but constant natural shrinkage of the gums and jawbones after natural teeth are removed.

The Weber Denture Liner provides a wearer with three basic essentials needed for comfortable dentures: (1) support, (2) stability, and (3) reliable retention.

New denture wearers are aware that, after a few months of use, their once-omfortable dentures tend to lose their stabilit. This happens because there is slow shrinkage of gums and jawbones after natural teeth are removed.

Weber denture liners are available as disks, and also in preformed shapes with choice of uppers or lowers. The liners can be ordered in a variety of kit sizes:

The regular kit (WDL- RK-4) contains four Liners, one bottle of denture adhesive powder, and instructions. The price of a regular kit is $22.95.

The trial kit (#NTK-3) has three liners: one, round two-inch diameter x 1/8-inch thick, two preformed liners with choice of two uppers or two lowers, or one lower and one upper. Also included is a bottle of WDL Denture Liner Dry Adhesive Powder. This kit provides a way to try all three kinds of Weber denture liners to see which one is best for individual needs. The trial kit is priced at $17.95.

A kit (WDL-PF-10) with 10 preformed denture liners (choice of uppers, lowers, or both) plus a bottle of Weber Denture Adhesive Dry Powder for $39.95. Shipping and handling is free within the U.S.

For more information, call (877) 309-8382 or visit

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