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May 24, 2011
Disposable air/water syringe tips help provide the performance expected from an air/water syringe tip while reducing the risk the of cross contamination that can occur with metal tips.
HACKENSACK, New Jersey--Dental practices go to great lengths to prevent the spread of infection among staff and patients. One of the most common tools used by dentists and hygienists every day is a potential breeding ground for cross contamination--metal air water syringe tips.To read more about Sultan Healthcare, go to Sultan.It is estimated that nearly 75% of dental practices in the U.S. use metal tips. The problem with metal tips is that they need to be reprocessed after every patient use. Metal tips are exposed—even submerged—in blood, saliva, and a variety of dental materials. It can be difficult to clean and sterilize them because of the tips’ small lumens. How can you guarantee that the metal tips you’re using are properly cleaned and sterilized? The Centers for Disease Control recommends the use of single-use devices when possible rather than reprocessing devices to prevent cross contamination. (Source: CDC MMWR Dec.19, 2003, Guidelines for Infection Control in Dental Settings, 2003.)New FlashTips Disposable Air Water Syringe Tips from Sultan Healthcare help provide the performance you expect from an air/water syringe tip while reducing the risk the of cross contamination that can occur with metal tips.“To prove the point, we took 20 metal tips in use from a dental office, cut them in half, and took pictures to show there was something inside,” said Sultan Healthcare Product Manager Tim Lorencovitz. “We uncovered that it is very difficult to keep the inside of a metal tip clean. Our new FlashTips provide dental offices with a quality disposable air/water syringe tip that eliminates the need to reprocess metal tips.” FlashTips are fast because they directly replace metal air/water syringe tips. No adaptors or converters are necessary (for the most common syringes) and no need to spend additional time reprocessing metal tips. FlashTips provide safety with a double-grooved, deep-locking mechanism to help ensure the tip remains secure in the syringe. Its edges are smooth and even, so they’re comfortable for your patient and gentle on equipment.FlashTips offer a solid construction with an inner water tube that will not shift under pressure. This can potentially irritate patients and decrease separation of air and water. Overall, they are strong enough for cheek retraction.FlashTips come in five sleek colors to stylize a syringe. Choose from blue, green, pink, orange, and purple.FLASHTIPS are available exclusively through dental dealers. For more product details, visit learn more, visit comment on this product, go to