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Crescent introduces tooth tissue dispenser

June 7, 2012
Crescent Products creates the TOOTH tissue dispenser for dental practices everywhere.

Crescent Products knows that sometimes even a single tooth can make you grin. That’s why we created the TOOTH tissue dispenser for dental practices everywhere. Perfect for display at the receptionists desk, or ready to help create brighter smiles in the operatory – the TOOTH can be your shining beacon of dental pride.

The TOOTH tissue dispenser slips over a standard, square-shaped box of tissues and is made of a high-quality resin. Of course it’s only available in the color of white and can be ordered directly from Crescent Products for $39.00 at or directly by phone at (800) 989-8085.

Crescent Products has been specializing in the design and manufacturing of unique dental comfort products for over 12 years. Known the world-over for their Memory Foam headrests, back and knee supports; request nothing other than Crescent Products for your dental practice.