Universal Crown and Bridge System reduces guesswork

April 2, 2008
Brasseler USA system developed by clinician Dr. Ronald Goldstein.

Take the guesswork out of all-ceramic restorations with the Universal Crown and Bridge System from Brasseler USA.

The creation of an esthetically successful restoration requires the careful synthesis of functional and overall esthetic considerations, the most important of which is the actual tooth preparation.

The Universal All-Ceramic Crown method of tooth preparation is a contemporary technical approach for maximizing esthetic considerations without sacrificing functional requirements. The method utilizes specifically designed and precisely gauged Brasseler USA diamond instruments for atraumatic tooth preparation.

The Universal method is a technique that will save time, deliver predictable and consistent tooth preparations with esthetic result, and ensure overall uniformity and control in bulk reduction. In addition the Universal method will help to create structurally sound crowns and enhance margin interpretation by a ceramist.

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