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Nuvora Dentiva

July 26, 2010
Dentiva also brings pH number of the mouth back to neutral.
People know their cholesterol number, but there is another important number that affects health--the number that tells the acidity of the mouth. There are billions of bacteria in the mouth. Each time you eat or drink anything with sugar, you feed acteria; they double in number every 20 minutes. As the bacteria eat, they give off acids that increase the acidity of the mouth. Acids dissolve the calcium in teeth and are the basis of decay. Scientists talk about acidity in terms of numbers called pH. A neutral pH number is 7.0, which is the number associated with drinking water and the acidity of blood. After eating, the pH number in saliva can drop to 5.0. This means there is 100 times more acid in the mouth than if the number is 7. If a person’s mouth is typically acidic, that person is prone to tooth decay, and has increased levels of bacteria in his or her mouth. This makes the person prone to gum disease (gingivitis) and loss of teeth. Thus, it is important for a person to have his or her pH checked when seeing a dentist.When people have increased bacteria in the mouth and problems with their gums, which occurs with about 50% of the patients dentists see, they run the risk of other medical problems such as heart attack and stroke. Bacteria and their toxins make their way into the blood stream from the mouth and become a source of inflammation in the blood vessels. It is the inflammation that starts the cascade of steps that lead to the cholesterol-based plaques in the artery that, in turn, leads to heart attacks.In addition, more people have reduced saliva levels today because of prescription drugs. Most prescription drugs have dry mouth as a side effect (drugs for hypertension, allergies, depression, etc., up to 3,000 drugs). This is an especially bad problem for the elderly who are typically on a number of prescription drugs. Lack of saliva means less bacteria is washed away, resulting in a pH number that is low and remains low throughout the day. People on prescription drugs need to know their pH number since they tend to have decay and gum problems, as well as being more at risk for heart attacks.Nuvora, a company located in Santa Clara, Calif., offerf a solution for these problems. Jerry Gin, president of Nuvora, said, “We have developed a great-tasting, long-lasting lozenge, Dentiva, which not only brings the pH number of the mouth back to neutral, but also kills bacteria in the mouth better than leading mouthwashes, is more effective in removing odors from the mouth, and puts back calcium in the teeth due to acidic conditions. A second product, Salese for Dry Mouth Sufferers, has the same benefits as Dentiva plus an additional ingredient that helps retain moisture. For both products, all active ingredients are natural.”For more information, call customer service at (877) 530-9811 or go to read more about Nuvora, go to Nuvora.To comment on this product, go to