Hu-Friedy introduces Enzymax Earth

May 5, 2010
New product offers green option for dental instrument cleaning and care.

CHICAGO, Illinois--Hu-Friedy, a leader in the manufacture of dental instruments, has announced launch of Enzymax Earth.

The product is the company’s line of environmentally friendly detergents designed to clean and care for dental instruments.

Enzymax Earth exceeds the standards attained with Hu-Friedy’s bio-degradable, phosphate-free Enzymax line of cleaning and care detergents first introduced in 1996. Powered by a dual-enzyme design, Enzymax Earth has teelgard agents and corrosion inhibitors to help extend instrument life by reducing chances for discoloration and corrosion.

“Enzymax Earth is another example of our commitment to bringing products to market that help dental professionals in an environmentally responsible way,” said Ron Saslow, Hu-Friedy’s president and CEO. “There is always more that can be done to benefit the environment and Enzymax Earth makes a difference with its combination of superior function and environmental safety.”

Containing enzyme stabilizers that are safer for the environment, Enzyme Earth offers more rapid bio-degradability, lower inherent toxicity, and fewer toxic byproducts. In addition, it is safer for the end-user because it contains no harsh chemicals or volatile organic compounds that can pollute indoor air.

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