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Colgate introduces next generation of Colgate Total toothpaste

Dec. 11, 2018
Colgate has introduced the next generation of Colgate Total.

Colgate has introduced the next generation of Colgate Total. The toothpaste contains a new stannous fluoride formula stabilized with zinc phosphate that fights plaque-causing bacteria on 100% of mouth surfaces,i,1 including teeth, tongue, cheeks, and gums.

Colgate Total effectively fights harmful bacteria while protecting against bacterial repopulation, significantly reducing the overall bacterial load while creating a protective barrier that helps shield against attachment and regrowth. In development for more than a decade, the unique formula of new Colgate Total is the subject of 28 granted patents and 95 pending patent applications.

The formula found in new Colgate Total addresses all indications of the original Colgate Total,including plaque, gingivitis, caries, stain removal and whitening, and calculus. Yet the new Colgate Total also offers other benefits.

Specifically, ongoing clinical testing of new Colgate Total shows superior reductions in plaque, gingivitis, and calculus when compared to ordinary, nonantibacterial toothpaste. Additional new benefits include sensitivity relief, enhanced enamel strength, and odor neutralization.

“The advanced fluoride formula of Colgate Total offers significant advantages versus ordinary fluoride toothpaste and still retains all of the benefits that dental professionals already love about our original Colgate Total,” remarked Barbara Shearer, PhD, MDS, director of scientific affairs for Colgate. “Our advanced fluoride formula provides multiple benefits for the whole mouth.These attractive features combined with a great taste make Colgate Total a great tool to empower dental professionals and patients striving to achieve whole mouth health.”

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i. Statistically significant greater reduction of cultivable bacteria in saliva and on tongue, teeth, cheeks, and gums with new Colgate Total, compared to nonantibacterial fluoride toothpaste after eight weeks, 12 hours after brushing.


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