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Refillable floss pick makes flossing fun for kids (and parents)

Sept. 7, 2022
The Kids Cocoflosser is easy to load, easy to hold, 100% reusable, and makes flossing fun! Soft, scrubby Cocofloss actually captures plaque and debris and keeps things comfy for toothy grins of all ages.

Designed by a dentist and a mom, the Kids Cocoflosser is made for parents helping wiggly young flossers to develop healthy, happy smile-care habits. It’s sized just right for squirmy tots, with an easy-hold handle so parents can quickly assist. The Kids Cocoflosser is quickly reloadable with Cocofloss, a super-effective, textured, woven floss that comes in kid-friendly fragrances such as Pure Strawberry, Delicious Mint, and Confetti Cake. Flossing transforms into a fun adventure for kids (and parents), so it can become a lifelong habit. 

So, why choose the Kids Cocoflosser?

  • Flossing habits take time to build. Once a child has two teeth touching, it’s time to do more than brushing. The earlier you start, the easier it will be for your child to maintain healthy floss habits for life. (Cocofloss recommends starting no later than age 3.)
  • Kids don’t have the dexterity to floss their own teeth well. They need help from their parents, whose hands are usually much bigger than their own. So a floss pick is key to helping little ones reach every tooth space. 
  • Typical flossers are single-use and use thin, slippery floss that may contain toxic PFAS.
  • The Kids Cocoflosser can be reloaded with Cocofloss again and again, leading to less waste than single-use flossers that must be thrown away nightly.
  • Delightful Cocofloss fragrances make flossing fun for all ages.
  • The Kids Cocoflosser is made with durable, food-grade, medical-grade TRITAN material that’s BPA- and BPS-free.

Just wash with warm water and soap to keep clean.

Learn more about Cocofloss and the Kids Cocoflosser.

Source: press release from Cocofloss