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New size and redesign of Proxabrush Go-Betweens Cleaners available

March 20, 2013
Ultra Tight size could help improve compliance, effectiveness, and overall comfort of the patient.

CHICAGO, Illinois--Nearly three-quarters of patients will exhibit periodontal disease at some point in their lives.

To add to its line of custom-fit interdental brushes that help prevent disease, Sunstar GUM has introduced a new size of Proxabrush Go-Betweens Cleaners--Ultra Tight.

The new Proxabrush is intended for healthier patients with tighter contacts, and features several new design elements to improve use. According to the Academy of General Dentistry, flossing is the single most important weapon against plaque; however, most people find that their reason for not flossing is due to lack of time. Proxabrush Go-Betweens are clinically proven to remove plaque as well as string floss. They are convenient, reusable, and easy-to-use.

Highlights of the newly designed Ultra Tight Proxabrush Go-Betweens include:

More Plaque Removal. The redesigned Proxabrush family of interdental brushes has been constructed to remove up to 25% more plaque with new triangular bristles. Additionally, it stays clean between uses through an antibacterial agent that has been incorporated into the bristles. The central wire of each brush is coated for added comfort and to help prevent galvanic shock.

New Flexible Handle. The new, flexible handle has been ergonomically designed for better comfort, control, and grip in order to make it easier to use. The bendable neck and longer length also makes it easier for patients to clean posterior teeth.

In addition, Sunstar will apply the new design elements to each of the existing Proxabrush Go-Betweens Cleaners sizes: Tight, Moderate, and Wide. These redesigned Proxabrushes are scheduled to be available in June 2013.

As the number of cavities among Americans increases, dental professionals such as Dr. Richard Demke, senior director, technology and new product development at Sunstar, recommend that patients take a proactive approach to their daily dental hygiene regimen.

"Proxabrush Go-Betweens Cleaners are recommended for all patients given that they come in multiple sizes to meet every patient's needs," said Dr. Demke. "The Ultra Tight size will be especially beneficial to healthier patients with tighter contacts, to use either as an add-on or alternative to floss."

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