Ask Dr. Christensen: When is a fixed partial denture preferred instead of an implant or a crown?

March 20, 2015
Dr. Gordon Christensen answers questions from dentists and draws from his 30+ years of clinical practice. In this video he talks about when fixed partial dentures might be preferred instead of an implant or crown.

Is fixed partial preferred to implant or crown? Dr. Christensen says, "I thought implants and crowns were state of the art, and they are!"

But he shows an example of a patient with defective crowns, carious potential, questionable bone on the pontic area, and more. There are many things in this situation that would make a fixed partial denture preferable to an implant and crown, and this example shows such a case.

Dr. Christensen suggests considering the older techniques when they would be appropriate and less expensive for patients.

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