Ask Dr. Christensen: What is a predictable way to remove a fixed partial denture?

Jan. 26, 2015
Dr. Christensen explains techniques and provides tips for everyday dentistry in language all dentists can understand and apply, no matter what their area of expertise.  

Dr. Christensen suggests changing the question to what’s a “good” way to remove a fixed partial denture? He explains that if the bridge is loose and the prep wasn’t extremely parallel, this will be a fairly easy procedure. Put the instrument between the pontic and tight tooth and tap, tap, tap gently with the bridge remover, and it’s usually easy to tap off.

If a resin cement was used, you’re not going to get the denture off easily, he says. You may tap for a while, or try other methods before you give up and cut the bridge off. While patients would far rather be able to take off the bridge and recement it and save money, as the professional you need to make that judgment call.

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