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Ask Dr. Christensen: What type of socket grafting is best, human bone or cow bone?

Aug. 5, 2016
Dr. Gordon Christensen shares his years of expertise in clinical practice with his peers in a series of videos. Here he discusses socket grafting.

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Dr. Christensen asks, are you socket grafting? Most dentists aren’t. His second question is: what type of socket grafting is best? While the literature indicates that human bone is better, Dr. Christensen says to remember who is paying for those studies. He feels that both human and cow bone work just fine.

He then recommends a series of materials that he has found work well in his practice. He says that he wishes more dentists would socket graft when they do implants, and explains why. He believes it’s easy to get patients to agree to socket grafting once the dentist explains the advantages, and patients appreciate these advantages.

Learn more in this video from Dr. Gordon Christensen.

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