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Ask Dr. Christensen: What is the major reason for gingival recession? (VIDEO)

Sept. 8, 2016
Dr. Gordon Christensen shares his knowledge of clinical practice with his peers through a series of videos. This month he discusses gingival recession.

Dr. Gordon Christensen says there are quite a few reasons why people’s gums recede. Probably the most pertinent one is periodontal disease. He shows an example of periodontal disease, which he describes as a “very multifaceted disease.” Even though dentists consistently treat the disease, it usually persists due to the complicated nature of the disease.

Sometimes a crown is placed that is so rough the gingival tissue cannot adapt to it well. Another cause of gingival recession is, of course, brushing. Dr. Christensen says that some people brush like they’re trying to rub tar off of their car.

Other people use brushes with hard bristles, when soft-bristled brushes used correctly are much more effective. He shows an example of the results of aggressive brushing.

What do you do if gingival recession is caused around crowns, or even teeth without crowns? Find out in this video, Esthetic Gingival Covering of Exposed Crown Margins.

Watch this introductory video from Dr. Gordon Christensen.

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