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Brush helps dentists work more efficiently

Aug. 28, 2013
New Inra-Oral brush for the L-System provides more time to focus on patients.

HAAG, Switzerland--Two-component systems help enable dentists to work more efficiently, and the new Intra-Oral-Brush further enhances speed and precision.

The brush enables dentists to combine two steps of the process for applying bonding and bleaching agents.

The IOB is a new accessory for Sulzer Mixpac’s tried and tested L-System range. Designed for mixers with a D-shaped outlet, this new applicator for bleaching and bonding materials is made from plastic, and comes fitted with a brush.

Combining two components that were previously separate into a single unit simplifies application, and the design meets the strict hygiene standards required of dental practices.

Conventionally, bleaching agents have been first applied to the surface of the teeth with an applicator, and then spread evenly across the surface with a brush. The IOB allows these steps to be carried out at the same time.

It also simplifies bonding processes by making it easy to apply the thin, even layer of the bonding agent (required to fix veneers and the like) securely and permanently to the tooth.

The benefits at a glance:

• Saves time by combining application and spreading
• Facilitates even coating
• Fixed bristles and cleanroom manufacture ensure excellent hygiene
• Compatible with existing D-shaped outlet mixers and new T-mixers

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