Ask Dr. Christensen: Which is stronger – Build-up or post?

Oct. 13, 2014
Dr. Christensen addresses questions from dentists regarding everyday practice, and shares what he has found works best in his practice.

Dr. Christensen displays two stone casts and asks which prep looks like it would be the strongest. At first glance, he says, it’s a toss-up, so he delves into more detail. Of the two teeth on display, one is bonded composite and the other is three posts and bonded composite.

Dr. Christensen answers the question by saying the endodontically treated tooth is the strongest by far. He then explains why this is the case, which includes discussing the use of pins, which he acknowledges aren’t always popular among his peers. But he says he uses pure titanium pins from Filhol Dental for the strongest hold and the happiest patients.

To learn more about endodontically treated teeth, watch this week's video.

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