Gloves Off: Getting your doc to purchase new dental equipment

May 3, 2022
Dental team members, do you have an idea for a new piece of equipment that can benefit your patients? Dr. David Rice and Katrina Sanders discuss how to broach the subject with your doctor.

Some dentists love gadgets and will happily buy any new piece of dental equipment they can find, almost to their detriment. Lots of equipment is out there just collecting dust on a shelf somewhere. Dental hygienists, dental assistants, and front office team members: if you work for a doctor who loves to buy equipment, take time to thank him or her for investing in the practice. But what if your dentist is more reluctant to make those purchases? For either scenario, there is an effective way to talk to your doctor about new equipment you believe will have value for your patients and the practice.

Join us in this episode of Gloves Off, as we discuss how to approach your doctor about purchasing new equipment and how to speak to their personality/practice outlook. It all boils down working as a team to give patients the best care possible.

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