Gloves Off: Handling informed refusal of periodontal treatment

Feb. 28, 2022
In this Gloves Off video, Dr. David Rice and Katrina Sanders, MEd, RDH, talk about how to turn patients' informed refusals into informed consent.

Some patients absolutely do not want to accept our dental treatment recommendations. How do we handle informed refusal? First, we must make sure our patients are truly informed about their dental issues and the proposed treatment. That's why it's called informed consent or informed refusal.

Most patients who reject dental treatment do so for one of three reasons: they don’t trust us, they don’t understand the treatment, or they don’t understand the consequences of not having the treatment.

In this episode of Gloves Off, we’ll discuss exactly what informed refusal is, the patient’s mindset in objecting to treatment, and how to reduce or eliminate informed refusals.

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