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Practice managers: Integral partners for a successful business

June 18, 2021
The best dental practice managers serve as partners, allowing dentists to spend more time on actual dentistry. AADOM supports members in that role.

Congratulations! You've finally graduated! Now that your residency is over, you take out another loan to buy in to your new practice, but where do you go from here? While reviewing the components for your future, you realize you will need assistance down the line in various ways. There is always the American Dental Association (ADA) and your local dental chapters and study clubs, but one resource you might overlook is the American Association of Dental Management (AADOM).

It’s important to remind yourself that you became a DDS, not an MBA! There are so many responsibilities on the business side of running a dental practice, you might start to feel that dentistry is just getting in the way. Your job is to focus on practicing dentistry; let your AADOM manager focus on building your practice. There are many prospective office managers you could choose. Why not hire one who's part of an organization whose primary mission is “to educate, connect, and empower dental office managers and practice leaders across North America”?

Here are a few traits AADOM practice managers say set them apart from the rest:

High-performing. Practice managers who join AADOM take their position very seriously and are always striving to be better. They are high-performing professionals with exceptional standards for themselves and their teams. They believe that when they do their best, their teams tend to follow. This allows you, the doctor, to focus on your expertise.

Passionate. Like most dentists, AADOM members chose their profession because they’re passionate about it. AADOM provides practice managers with access to continuing education (CE), which is more difficult to source for practice management professionals than it is for dentists. Many dentists don’t even consider CE for office staff, but it goes a long way toward helping practice managers to grow alongside the rest of the practice.

Service-oriented. AADOM members are constantly looking for new and improved ways to serve their team members, doctors, and most of all, patients. They love seeing patients smile after treatment, and AADOM provides resources for educating patients on alternative financing options, which can really boost that smile.

Educated. AADOM offers three professional designations for dental practice management professionals: fellow, master, and diplomate. This investment benefits not only your practice manager, but your entire dental practice. 

  • Fellow (FAADOM) – The first level of distinction that sets your practice manager on the path to excellence. While striving for this distinction, there are courses in human resources, accounts receivable, and financial reporting though the DALE Foundation Dental modules.
  • Master (MAADOM) – In this second-level credential, the number of CE credits required is higher, and the OSAP-DALE Foundation Dental Infection Prevention and Control Certificate Programs are utilized. This is where writing and communication skills are also strengthened.
  • Diplomate (DAADOM) – The top-level distinction, there’s great focus on HIPAA and ADA/CERP courses when earning this credential. Volunteer work in the dental field is required, and managers are held to a higher standard for writing and communication skills. Completing this distinction creates a well-rounded AADOM practice manager.

Excellent partners. An AADOM practice manager is more than just an office manager. With extensive training and a strict code of ethics, an AADOM practice manager is the partner you need to run your dental practice.

The AADOM website states, “We understand the unique challenges you face. The entire AADOM team is committed to providing the resources and support you need to succeed and thrive in dental office management. We are your tribe!” I love this sentiment. After every local meeting and national conference, AADOM practice managers know we’re not alone. With the backing and support of the organization and fellow members, an AADOM practice manager is the perfect partner to ensure that your dental practice achieves its full potential.

JENNIFER RANDALL, MAADOM, is a former US Army medic, serving and receiving honorable discharge in 1993. She attended the University of Central Texas and Texas Tech University and has over 25 years of experiences in the administrative field, 21 years in her current position. In her spare time, you can find Jennifer working with metals and creating art pieces in her home studio 3doggsdesigns, where she is watched closely by her dogs and cats. When she is not creating artwork, she enjoys doing yard work with her husband, Bob.