Kyle Summerford and AADOM President Heather Colicchio at the 2023 AADOM Conference in Orlando

5 reasons to attend AADOM's yearly conference

Sept. 15, 2023
Year after year, AADOM leads the way in supporting dental office managers throughout the country, but did you know they have a yearly event?
Kyle L. Summerford, Editorial Director

Year after year, AADOM leads the way in supporting dental office managers throughout the country. This year’s AADOM conference was hosted in Orlando, Florida, and bigger and better than ever. The conference supports dental office managers by helping each individual perform to their highest potential and become the best they can be.

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Here are my top-five reasons why you need to attend the annual conference and how each one helps to support and inspire you to become a better office manager.

Giving back

AADOM shows they care, not only for office managers but also for the cities that host each yearly event. President Heather Colicchio, Kim McQueen, and the AADOM tribe banded together to help feed underserved communities within the Orlando area. This year the goal was to build 30,000 meal kits to be delivered to local food banks. This portion of the meeting typically takes place on the first day of the event and is open to a limited amount of attendees due to overwhelming demand. Should you sign up for next year’s event, be sure to do so early. Giving back is something we should all want to be a part of.


Practice Administrator of the Year, Dentrix Practice of the Year, Green Leader of the Year, and various other awards are given to hardworking, dedicated dental office managers during the awards ceremony at the conference. Dental office managers may feel underappreciated at times, but AADOM knows how to give you the boost of recognition and appreciation you deserve.


If it’s your first conference, it will be a truly life-changing experience. The first time I attended, I remember having the realization that I was not alone, and that others were there to offer support and care. I met many like-minded individuals who shared their stories, ideas, and troubles. We all need someone to vent to sometimes, and as you develop relationships you are sure to be welcomed with open arms. Each time I attend the AADOM conference, I meet new friends and establish connections that I can always rely on.

Continuing education

At the yearly AADOM conference, there are CE courses galore tailored to topics you need to know as a dental office manager. Topics such as HR, insurance coding, marketing, and OSHA compliance are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what’s available for your continuing education. Be sure to sign up early, because spots fill up quickly.

Exhibitors, giveaways and demos

During the exhibitor showcase, you can visit each booth and learn about new technology for use in your dental practice. Each company at the meeting will be happy to demo their product for you and educate you on how it can benefit you in your dental office. To top it off, they may even offer a nifty little gift for your time.

After visiting each booth, I was able to cherry pick what I felt would benefit the practice. Among the few companies that stole my heart this year were Lighthouse 360, Dental Intelligence, TempMee, and Black Diamond radios, which I ended up purchasing and have integrated into our daily routine.

My #1 takeaway

AADOM never disappoints! Not only will you leave the conference educated and motivated, you’ll leave feeling inspired to take what you have learned and integrate it into your dental practice. If you missed this year’s conference, plan for September 2024 in Las Vegas. Registration is open now—I hope to see you there!