Get rid of the gossip!

June 15, 2010
Krista Lewandowski, CDA, says, "Help your friends, help those who aren't your friends, and strive to make your practice a better place to work and receive dental treatment." One place to start is to get rid of the gossip!

By Krista C. Lewandowski, CDA

Women in dental offices across the country are struggling with their careers and other issues in their everyday lives. As dental assistants, we work with single mothers who are striving to make better lives for themselves; women who are pregnant and either starting or expanding their families; single girls trying to “find themselves;” students who are studying hard to finish school and get their degrees; and women who have made dental assisting their career and passion.

As women, most of us are loving, caring, and nurturing, but many women cause trouble by gossiping or tearing each other down to “lift” themselves up because of insecurities. We can all make improvements, and none of us is perfect. We should lift up our sisters and try to see the wonderful things that the women in our offices are doing. We should really try to help each other and live by the golden rule, treating the women with whom we work with the same respect we want.

If there is a conflict in your workplace, be professional. In a positive and constructive manner, talk things out and move forward. Begin each day anew; don't hold on to the things that stressed you out yesterday or last week. Let it go and you will find peace. Everyone wants to work in a stress-free environment. Keep your focus on your patients. As a dental assistant, give them the best care you can. Strive for excellence and perfection in your work.

Dental assisting as a profession has become much more than it once was. It is a career to be proud of. As you find pride in what you do, help others do the same. Do small things for each other to lift up your coworkers. Help your friends, help those who aren't your friends, and strive to make your practice a better place to work and receive dental treatment. Keep your focus on the patients — and above all else, do unto others.

Author bio
Krista C. Lewandowski, CDA, has been in dental assisting since 1999. She has worked as both a chairside and expanded functions dental assistant. She is on the ADAA council for new membership. She has been married since 2001 and has two children — 8-year-old Isabella and 3-year-old Jack. She also started a social networking Web page for dental assistants called “wichita kansas dental assistants” on Facebook. Contact her at [email protected].