Katherine Heigl to launch new line of women's health-care apparel

June 27, 2007
Collection of medical scrubs and healthcare uniforms to debut this fall in retail stores nationwide.

DALLAS, Texas--Peaches Uniforms, a leading maker of uniforms and scrubs for women working in health-care professions, has announced that it has partnered with television and film star Katherine Heigl to launch a new line of medical apparel.

The Katherine Heigl Collection, which will debut this fall, offers a high level of style and sophistication to the women who want to express their own personal style in the workplace.

"I have tremendous respect for women in the health-care industry," said Katherine Heigl, who is currently featured in the movie Knocked Up. "I know that it is often a difficult and thankless job. I wanted to create a line of scrubs that would allow women to infuse some of their personality and style into their work apparel. When you feel good about how you look, you are more confident, more motivated and it can lift your spirits."

This venture marks the first time a celebrity has launched a product line in the health-care uniform industry.

Peaches Uniforms' CEO Barry Rothschild said, "Katherine Heigl is a role model for many women, especially in the health-care industry. It is only natural for them to want to emulate her style. We are proud to offer products that empower women in health care to express their personal style, while maintaining a professional appearance."

The Katherine Heigl Collection emphasizes fashion and individuality without compromising fit or function. The brand captures Heigl's vibrant on-screen and off-screen personalities. Inspired by current runway and lifestyle trends, expressive styles, flattering silhouettes, hip colors and cool prints, the line is trend-setting with edgy, metropolitan sensibilities.

Within the collection of uniforms and scrubs, there are four design groups this season, which reflect the spirit of Heigl's personal style:

* London: Paying tribute to England's home of kitschy trends, London features mod details and pop colors along with chic city black and gray with a dose of hot pink and stark white.

* Connecticut: Connecticut is high on style and minute details against a backdrop of white and tones of sea blue. Crisp clean lines shine through straight pants and subtle classy elements like angled stitch pockets and blazer-style jackets.

* Los Angeles: Fit for every hip-casual starlet, Los Angeles embodies the city's laid-back vibe with a collection of easy care, easy wear separates. The comfort-architected pieces and denim inspired details are complimented by hoodies and drawstring waist tops.

* Seattle: This look is designed for the adventurous--echoing the versatility of cargo pants with multiple pockets and drawstring leg details. A custom floral print brings the collection together with hints of coral and hunter green.

The designs are appropriate for women of all ages who work in hospitals, private practices, clinics, dental offices, labs, spas and other health-care environments. Peaches Uniforms uses high-quality, soil-release fabrics to ensure long-lasting wear, comfort and durability.

"Katherine is taking this industry to a whole new level. In the past, the only licensed products for women in health-care uniforms involved cartoon characters," Rothschild said. "We want women in health care to feel good about what they do, show the world who they are and love how they look. The Katherine Heigl Collection is the first designer fashion line for the health-care industry."

According to Rothschild, the company pledges to deliver fresh styles, unsurpassed quality and comfort, and a commitment to value pricing. Most items in the Katherine Heigl Collection will be priced under $25 and available this fall in retail outlets, online stores, and catalogues selling women's medical apparel.