Dance while you brush with Brush DJ

Sept. 10, 2012
App encourags users to brush two full minutes, plus many more features

Dance while you brush ... for the full recommended two minutes. The Brush DJ app is catching on among dental professionals, who strive every single day to encourage good dental health habits in their patients. Now they can tell their patients to brush to the beat of their favorite song.

According to the Brush DJ website, dentist Ben Underwood developed a unique free toothbrush timer app called Brush DJ to make brushing less boring. The app plays two minutes of a song taken at random from the music library stored on the user’s device. This encourages people to brush for an effective length of time while rediscovering their music collection.

Brush DJ also allows users to set reminders to brush twice a day, floss, use a mouthrinse, and when to visit their dental professional again.

According to, Dr. Underwood, who lives in York, England, developed the app after watching an episode of BBC's Apprentice. The contestants on the show were asked to design an app, and Underwood had a flash of inspiration for his dental-themed app. The free app is available for download on the BrushDJ website, the iTunes store or the Android app store. also sings the praises of Brush DJ, stating, "This is not my usual post. I wanted to share this with you because I feel that it is some­thing that is easy to use, fun for every­one, and it is FREE. Free is great in the App world because you can try it out and see how you like it. So the num­ber one great thing about this app is the price tag. Not far behind the price are the amaz­ingly sim­ple, yet oh so impor­tant func­tions."

To celebrate the app being downloaded in 100 countries, BrushDJ is giving away a new iPod Touch and iTunes vouchers. To enter, visit and vote for your favorite song to brush your teeth to. The drawing will be open until the end of November.

Now, get rocking and brushing!

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