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Roland introduces zirconia machine

June 22, 2010
Machine is a production tool for creating copings, crowns, and bridges in zirconia and wax.
IRVINE, California--Roland DGA Corporation, a leading provider of 3D engraving and milling technologies, has announced the new DWX-30 dental milling machine.The machine is a production tool for creating copings, crowns, and bridges in zirconia and wax.“The DWX-30 is Roland’s newest compact CNC milling machine built on more than 20 years of experience in subtractive rapid prototyping (SRP) technology,” said Pedro Gonzalez, product manager for Roland. “The DWX-30 eliminates both the expense of precious metals and the complexity of casting. It is also highly affordable, allowing even small labs to invest in precision milling technology.” Designed specifically for the dental market, the DWX-30 features an integrated clamping system and virtual panel that to create copings, crowns, and bridges from wax and zirconia. Three types of clamps are included, one for discs and two for blocks, to securely hold a variety of material sizes and thicknesses. The DWX-30 features an integrated dust collection system that removes debris while keeping the machine and lab environment clean. With the DWX-30, materials can be cut on the top, bottom, and at +/-20 degrees for complex geometry. A tool sensor automates machine and tool setup to save time and help eliminate errors. As an open platform, the DWX-30 supports industry standard dental CAD/CAM application software. The DWX-30 will be offered by dental industry manufacturers and distributors authorized by Roland DGA. Roland DGA is establishing partnerships with systems integrators to create a production solution including the mill, scanner, and software. For more information, visit read more about milling machines, go to mililng machines.To comment on this product, go to