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Coach's Corner for Dental Coding: Caries risk assessment codes

Aug. 18, 2014
There is finally a code for caries risk assessments, which dental professionals have been doing for years with no code.

QUESTION: What has been your experience with the new caries risk assessment codes (D0601, D0602, and D0603)? What are offices doing with denied charges?

ANSWER: Many offices have been performing caries risk assessments for years but never had a code to use. Now we do. Unfortunately, the existence of a code does not mean that benefits are always available. Some offices have reported using these codes with a zero charge and not billing them to the insurance companies. In essence they’re using it as a tracking code rather than for billing purposes.

We have not heard of any consistent reimbursement for the codes listed above. They have been returned as non-billable and included in exam codes. If you are a PPO office, you will be asked to write off the amount. Non-participating offices can bill the patient.

READERS: Please let me know if you have received payment. I’d love to be able to update my audiences and readers. Thank you!

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