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Coding with Kyle: D2950 core buildup, including pins when required

April 12, 2018
Coding with Kyle is back! As a busy office manager for Dr. Scott Fruom, Kyle has a wealth of coding experience to share with his fellow office managers.

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Do you ever feel like you’re doing something wrong with all of those rejected dental claims? Don't give up! It’s time to fight back and receive the benefits that your patients and practice deserve. Coding with Kyle is back and it’s here to help! This month I focus on D2950—core buildup.

The purpose: a buildup is performed when there is not enough natural tooth structure remaining to support placement of a crown.

Composites should not be confused with buildups. If you submitted a claim for payment for placement of a composite resin within the last few months on the same tooth, the patient’s insurance plan may deduct the amount paid once the claim for the buildup has been processed. This results in a lower reimbursement for the buildup.

Should you submit a claim for a buildup on a crown that has undergone endodontic treatment, it might be denied. Instead, you should bill for a composite resin.

There should be supporting narrative and documentation. When submitting for payment, it is suggested you indicate in Remarks box 35 that buildup was placed due to an insufficient amount of retention for future crown placement.

Always remember to submit pre-op and post-op radiographs!

Happy coding!

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