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DentistryIQ CDT Coding Quiz No. 2

June 7, 2024
What's the newest code for "other preventive services"? Is there an age distinction for D1110? Test yourself on this and other essential coding facts in our latest quiz.
About the Author

Kathy S. Forbes, BS, RDH

Kathy S. Forbes, BS, RDH, has been a dental hygienist, educator, and presenter for more than 40 years. She speaks frequently about the correct classification, documentation, treatment planning, and CDT procedure code selection for patients. She holds a license with the ADA for Current Dental Terminology, which allows her to provide the most up-to-date understanding of current procedure codes. Forbes currently serves as a director for the DentalCodeolog Consortium, reviewing and developing procedure codes relevant to dental hygiene practice.

About the Author

Connie Simmons, MA, BSDH, RDH

Connie Simmons, MA, BSDH, RDH, earned her BSDH from The Ohio State University and her MA in aging studies from Wichita State University. She’s worked in clinical hygiene for almost 35 years and has other roles in clinical training, sales, speaking, and writing. Her knowledge of dental insurance and coding grew while working with an insurance carrier, and she’s now part of the Dental Codeology Consortium and an associate productivity coach with Inspired Hygiene. She’s also an expert in the clinical use of silver diamine fluoride. Reach her at [email protected].