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7 ideas to boost production in the dental office during the holidays

Nov. 17, 2017
Now is the time to put in a little extra effort enticing patients to visit your dental practice even if they're caught up in the holidays—by offering some interesting deals and promotions.

As people become busy with the holidays, it’s easy for them to forget about visiting your dental office. Entice them back with some deals for the holidays, and watch the boost these deals will bring to your production.


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1) Electric toothbrush sales—Electric toothbrushes make great gifts anytime. Add a giant red bow and a gift tag to your electric toothbrush display. Consider special pricing during the month of December.

2) “Use it or lose it” insurance remindersPay close attention to any patients who come in for their hygiene appointments who have treatment that hasn't been completed or scheduled. Encourage them to take advantage of any remaining benefits to start or complete treatment before their insurance renews on January 1.

3) Gift certificates—A gift certificate to the dentist makes a wonderful gift. Your patients will appreciate you helping them avoid the dreaded trip to the mall by making gift certificates that can be redeemed for general and cosmetic dentistry services available for purchase.

4) Gift basket or big-ticket raffle item—Encourage patients to schedule and keep their appointments during the holiday season by offering them a chance to win a super prize when they come in for their appointment. At the end of their appointment they may enter their name into the raffle for a chance to win.

5) Teeth whitening—Many of your patients will be attending end-of-year parties and family gatherings, or taking vacations during the holidays. Encourage them to get their smile camera-ready with teeth whitening. Offer special pricing on teeth whitening during November and December.

6) Gift of health certificates—November and December are great months to give your patients “Gift of health certificates” to share with their family, friends, neighbors, and coworkers. Print them out on seasonal paper with matching colored envelopes. Customize your dental health and service message and include a call to action for a special offer.

7) Incentives—Offer incentives, such as money off orthodontic treatment, complimentary adult fluoride with a hygiene visit, a percentage off treatment, and more. These promotions could be one-day only events, or you could feature a different service each day for a week.

Good luck concluding the year on a high note with some extra income!

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Betty Hayden is the founder of Hayden Consulting. Having over 25 years of experience in the dental field, she started a blog to share that experience with dental offices everywhere by providing free dental marketing and practice management ideas. Find her on Facebook and Twitter.