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Dental marketing ideas and tips for this spring

May 18, 2017
There are loads of fun marketing ideas your dental practice can undertake this spring. It just takes a little creativity and enthusiasm. Get ready to have fun with your patients!

There are loads of fun marketing ideas your dental practice can undertake this spring. It just takes a little creativity and enthusiasm. Get ready to have fun with your patients!

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With a little planning and a lot of enthusiasm, it’s possible for you to have the best spring ever in your dental practice. Here are some dental marketing ideas and tips to get you started.

Theme for May and June: Family Fun

Spring is when Family Wellness Month and National Family Month occurs, May 12–June 16.

Focus: Hygiene preventive services and mouth guards. Consider special pricing on mouth guards.

Goal: Exceed patients’ expectations, increase production, and bring in new patients.

Hygiene continuing care reminders—Summer is known as a relaxing time, but it can also be a busy time of year for families. Encourage patients to squeeze in their regular dental visits before the summer months fly by. Remind them that regular dental visits are so important to their overall health.

Social media sites—Throughout the weeks, share family health and wellness tips, community event information, and more on your office social media pages.

Giveaways—Give away a basket of apples with a sticker or tag that says, “Our patients are awesome to the core,” or “You’re the apple of our eyes.” Or give away mini bottles of sunscreen. If you don’t have them imprinted with your office name, simply add a tag to the bottles that says, “May isSkin Cancer Awareness Month.”

Contest and raffle—Make a family fun and wellness gift basket. Fill it with outdoor games, barbeque supplies, sunscreen, citronella candles, toothbrushes, paper products, chalk, and more. Patients can earn entries for Facebook likes, check-ins, Google reviews, and referring new patients.

Educational opportunities

National Physical Fitness and Sports Month—Sports-related injuries account for approximately 5 million missing teeth per year. Remind your patients: “Play hard? Wear a mouth guard and keep your teeth.”

Fun ‘holidays’ for social media posts to improve engagement
Eat More Fruits and Vegetables Day—May 25
Red Nose Day—May 26
World No-Tobacco Day—May 31
National Donut Day—June 2
National Hug Your Cat Day—June 4
World Environment Day—June 5
National Yo-Yo Day—June 6
Iced Tea Day—June 10
Smile Power Day (of special interest to dental offices)—June 15
National Picnic Day—June 18

Use your imagination and have fun with the multitude of special days. Just visit, and see what your dental practice can be celebrating and promoting with patients. Wishing you a fantastic May/June!

If you’re interested in having me help your office create a custom marketing campaign that includes ideas for special offers, office fun, patient giveaways and drawings, community involvement, cross marketing with local businesses, and hygiene continuing care and incomplete treatment scripting, please contact me at[email protected].

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Betty Hayden is the founder of Hayden Consulting. Having over 25 years of experience in the dental field, she started a blog to share that experience with dental offices everywhere by providing free dental marketing and practice management ideas. Find her on Facebook and Twitter.