Chairside Connection: Nutrition and oral health

Jan. 7, 2022
Have you ever asked your patients about their sugar consumption? Sharing about the impact of sugar could get them to think about healthier habits, such as the "three-bite" rule.

Karen Davis, BSDH, developed her interest and expertise in nutrition due to several health issues that affect her family. She began to study the impact that sugar in particular has on overall and oral health, and this led her to want to share her knowledge with her fellow dental pros.

I chatted with Karen recently about how we can share the message about sugar with our patients, which she believes is what they struggle with the most when it comes to their diets. For instance, do you ask what your patients drink? It’s alarming how much sugar is in beverages. Many patients have no idea there is so much sugar in their drinks, and it’s a good idea to let them know that this and other high-sugar consumption can lead to decay and other poor health outcomes.

When Karen noticed positive changes in her patients’ health and asked them what they were doing differently, a good number responded they had changed their diets. This led to her to become a firm believer in the power of nutrition. Simply having these conversations can guide our patients toward thinking about healthier choices, including some excellent sugar alternatives. 

Karen shared some nutrition tips, including her own three-bite rule and others that can get people started on the road to better eating. Watch our chat for some terrific information and ideas.

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