Bogobrush launches biodegradable dental toothbrush

Nov. 13, 2012
Toothbrush also has program  — Buy One, Give One

A vision for a better environment — through toothbrushes — has become reality for a brother and sister team from North Dakota. Their brainchild, Bogobrush, is a new 100% biodegradable toothbrush now available nationwide.

"Our brushes will not join the 450 million toothbrushes per year that end up in landfills," said John McDougall, who with is sister Heather created the Bogobrush. "Each toothbrush is made of bamboo and has biodegradable nylon bristles."

The children of a dentist, the McDougalls say they have a "long and close relationship to oral health." Together, they decided to found the company that would bring "comfort, beauty, and consciousness together in one simple product — a toothbrush."

The design of the Bogobrush is something in which the founders take pride. "We used and abused brushes from all around the world in search of the perfect shape," said Heather. "Bogobrush's cylindrical form won’t force your hand into one position, it will enable effortless brushing in any hand, and any part of your mouth."

In addition to making a beautiful brush, Bogobrush sponsors a community service program called Buy One + Give One. "When you buy a Bogobrush, we send the same high quality brush to you and to someone in need so you both can enjoy a beautiful toothbrush every morning and every night," said John.

Partners are Covenant Community Care in Detroit, Sharing and Caring Hands and Apple Tree in Minnesota, and Good Samaritan Health Center in Atlanta.

Bogobrush is currently pre-selling all of the toothbrushes on its website, where you can pre-order a single, limited edition Bogobrush in its birthday suit for $10 plus shipping and handling, or one year of Bogobrushes for $40 plus free delivery, and receive a new Bogobrush at your door every three months.