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Activa’s impact: Pulpdent reports 10%+ global sales increase

Nov. 20, 2014
Pulpdent's Activa Bioactive product is making a splash in the clinic...and on the sales sheet.

A first-of-its kind material is making a splash in the clinics...and on the sales sheet

Earlier this year we interviewed Larry Clark, Pulpdent Corporation's director of marketing and clinical affairs, about the company's new Activa Bioactive product. After two years of success in clinical study, Clark was optimistic about the product's chances in the marketplace. Early results are in, and it appears Clark -- and the rest of the Pulpdent team -- have a lot to feel good about.

In coordination with the company’s 2014 national sales meeting, Pulpdent reported an increase in domestic and global sales. Pulpdent reported North American sales up 11.6% and worldwide sales up 10.1% over 2013. Pulpdent attributed much of the increase to the impact of its Activa Bioactive product, released last February at the Chicago Midwinter Meeting. Activa Bioactive is a first-of-its-kind bioactive restorative and base/liner. The product actively releases and exchanges calcium, phosphate, and fluoride ions, making it dynamic with the function of the tooth.

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“Activa Bioactive products have established Pulpdent as the leader in research and product development for bioactive materials, and this has elevated the entire Pulpdent range to a new level of recognition and success,” said Marcy Buckler, National Sales Manager.

Pulpdent held its national sales meeting in Boston earlier this month (Nov. 3-5). Fifty of Pulpdent’s marketing and sales professionals attended. In addition to Pulpdent’s North American team, guests included Pulpdent’s distribution partners in the United Kingdom, France, Eastern Europe, and New Zealand. Dr. Sherwin Shinn, recipient of both the Jefferson Award for outstanding achievement in public service and the ADA 2013 Humanitarian Award, delivered the keynote address. Larry Clark, director of marketing and clinical affairs, and Connie Kugel, RDH, professional relations and marketing manager, conducted educational programs and hands-on workshops. Karen Comisi, CDA, discussed communication with patients about the benefits of bioactive materials and the increased office production and profitability generated by using Activa Bioactive materials.

Pulpdent is a research, product development, and manufacturing company established in 1947.

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