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CRET announces first-ever Dental School Technology Audit

July 14, 2017
How ready are dental schools to receive emerging technologies into their developmental pipeline? The 2017 Dental Technology Audit aims to find out. The report will be produced by the Center for Research & Education In Technology (CRET) and published by Apex360 and other PennWell dental publications.
This fall, the Center for Research & Education in Technology (CRET) will publish a report on the state of emerging technologies in dental schools. The 2017 Dental School Technology Audit will be a first-of-its-kind report: Its aim is not to measure the number of products and pieces of equipment in each school; rather, it will be a snapshot of the readiness of US dental schools to accept emerging technologies into their developmental pipelines.

In the dental industry, remarkable advances in health-care technology are helping to create better patient experiences and treatment outcomes. However, the rapid pace of technological change has provided a new challenge for dental schools: how to educate students about emerging technologies.

Information for the report is currently being gathered from dental school deans through an online survey. Deans were contacted in June with an invitation to complete the survey, and responses are now coming in. Measures have been taken to ensure the accuracy and integrity of the survey.

The president of CRET, Edward Rossomando, DDS, PhD, is leading the survey efforts. "Today, artificial intelligence, biotechnology, robotics, and other emerging technologies are entering the dental marketplace, again bringing a tsunami of change to the dental profession," says Dr. Rossomando. "If dental schools are to fulfill their obligations to the next generation of dental students, they must be prepared to respond."

"To help future dental leaders, it is important that we work with our partners to outfit dental schools with the latest technology, equipment, and materials," says Don Hobbs of Henry Schein Dental, who is currently serving as CEO and chairman of the board of CRET. "We have been supporting CRET for approximately seven years, serving on its board and helping to provide the tools and resources needed by dental schools so that future professionals are equipped to succeed in the digital era of dentistry."

The 2017 Dental School Technology Audit will debut this fall in the Apex360dental industry newsletter, a PennWell publication. As media partner, Pennwell will disseminate the survey through its dental brands, which include Dental Economics and DentistryIQ.

The report falls under the mission of CRET, which is to transfer knowledge and competency in twenty-first century technology to dental students and faculty. CRET has worked to open Innovation Centers at two US dental schools, with a third Innovation Center scheduled to open in 2018 at the University of West Virginia.

To receive the 2017 Dental School Technology Audit, interested professionals are encouraged to subscribe to the Apex360 newsletter by visiting or by clicking here.

For more information, please contact CRET President Dr. Edward Rossomando ([email protected]) or Apex360 Chief Editor Zachary Kulsrud ([email protected]).


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