Boost your DentistryIQ: Should you drop PPOs?

June 11, 2021
Are you afraid you'll lose patients if you drop any PPOs? Here's what long-time dental advisor Bill Rossi tells dentists who feel trapped by PPOs.

Much of what has driven dentists to remain with PPOs is fear. But what consultant Bill Rossi of Advanced Practice Management has observed through the years is that a majority of patients will stay with their dentists if the conditions are right.

What are those conditions? Is your practice at capacity? Do you have a solid patient base? Do you have confidence in your administrative team? If so, you’re ready to start making the break.

Dropping PPOs does not have to be an all or nothing decision. Rossi explains to Dr. Pamela Maragliano-Muniz how to achieve the right balance in your practice. How do you choose which ones to keep and which ones to drop? This can be very practice-specific.

See what else Rossi has to say about taking this big step.

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