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Recall Visit with Dr. Alan Mead: SEO as Lawlessness in the Wild West

Jan. 25, 2016
Dr. Chris Salierno interviews Dental Economics authors regarding some of the popular articles in the magazine. This month he talks with Dr. Alan Mead of Dental Hacks webcast.

Search Engine Optimization in dental practices being compared to lawlessness in the Wild West? That's Dr. Alan Mead's take on SEO, as he reveals in this month's Recall Visit video with Dr. Chris Salierno.

Dr. Mead's article has been very popular with Dental Economics readers, so Dr. Salierno wanted to talk with the author a bit more about his take on SEO. Is it true some companies take advantage of dentists' ignorance when it comes to setting up their websites? Yes! Dr. Mead has a dentist friend whose website is doing so well, one company used it without the doctor's permission to promote their own services. How can that be prevented?

For other dentists, SEO is a big buzzword these days, and an online presence is very important, but what does it truly mean? Companies will take advantage of the ignorant. So it's important for dentists to have knowledge regarding how to maneuver the Internet.

Watch Dr. Salierno's interview with Dr. Mead below.

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