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Dental marketing got you down? Help is here

June 9, 2016
This list comprised of marketing articles and a resource list will help your dental practice get ahead of the competition in today's tough marketing world. Dr. Ken Newhouse shares the scoop.
With new social networks and marketing strategies popping up daily, the majority of dentists and dental marketers are struggling to find a winning formula in 2016.

I have provided the Dental Marketing Resource List—2016's Top 10 articles, lists, case studies, instructional videos, and templates here. The list contains a host of great, actionable information and free tools that are delivering great results for those who use them.

I invested some extra time in researching and creating this list because if you’re like the majority of dentists and dental marketers today, you’re facing new and emerging challenges that can easily send you off track. These resources will help you keep up with emerging technologies and strategies and will make your marketing more targeted than ever.

How to use social media's most shared words to attract new patients to your dental practice
6 reasons why dentists should implement a PPC marketing strategy for their practice

Zig Ziglar once said, “You were born to win, but to be a winner you must plan to win, prepare to win, and expect to win."

If you’re reading this, you’re likely already a step ahead of the competition because you stay up-to-date with the news and trends in the internet marketing field.

When you review this dental marketing resource list for 2016, you'll discover information, strategies, and trends from top marketers like Ryan Deiss, Rebeka Radice, Ken Newhouse, Entrepreneur, Inc. magazine, and more. This information can help you transform 2016 into an incredibly successful year for your practice while staying a step ahead of the competition.

The 10 blog posts, case studies, lists and "how-to" blueprints here will give you with the tools you need to create a near-perfect and highly-profitable dental marketing strategy.

Dr. Newhouse’s Bonus: Get Dental Marketing University’s “Patient Avatar Worksheet” (downloadable PDF). Building a patient avatar for each niche you serve is like having the Swiss Army knife of marketing.

To market your practice effectively, the first thing you must do is be clear on who your ideal patients are, where they’re hanging out, what their challenges are, and more. Click here to get your FREE Patient Avatar Worksheet from Dental Marketing University®.

For the most current dental headlines, click here.

Dental Marketing Resource List - Top 15
1. How to Get Free Traffic from Facebook
2. Facebook Advertising Plan
3. 10 Effective Facebook Marketing Strategies
4. Digital Marketing Strategy Steps w/Infographic (list of 11 steps)
5. How to Create Your Social Media Strategy
6. Why LinkedIn MUST Be Part of Your Digital Marketing Strategy
7. You’re in Desperate Need of a LinkedIn Strategy – Get Started
8. 33 Inspiring Digital Marketing Case Studies
9. The Merging of Direct Response Marketing with Branding
10.3 Steps to Creating A Winning Twitter Marketing Strategy

Ken Newhouse, DDS, is founder and CEO of Dental Marketing University and Over the last few years Dr. Newhouse and his team have invested in tens of thousands of dollars worth of marketing tests, generated 1.1 million unique visitors, sent of 100,000 emails, and complete 1,407 internet marketing split and multi-varient tests. Dr. Newhouse is an author and speaker who has direclty impacted 12,410 dental practices and small businesses in the US, Canada, Europe, and Australia.