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MicroDental Labs introduces VisiClear Partial Dentures

July 15, 2013
Partial denture framework material offers dentists and their patients performance advantage.
SAN FRANCISCO, California--MicroDental Laboratories has introduced VisiClear Partial Dentures.
VisiClear is a new partial denture framework material that offers dentists and their patients performance advantages in flexible and metal framework options.

“The VisiClear material addresses some of the key things that dentists are looking for in a partial denture material,” commented Mike Thompson, CDT and director of removable prosthetics for MicroDental.

“The material is flexible, yet fracture-resistant which makes it comfortable and functional. It is easy to repair, polish, and adjust. And it is thin and translucent, making it an esthetic option.”

Dr. Jerry Hu, one of the first dentists to use the new partial by MicroDental, commented: “One of my patients had worn other removable partial dentures with pain and sore spots. The flexibility and high esthetics of the MicroDental VisiClear Partial Denture resulted in a remarkable fit and no adjustments were needed. This product exceeded both my clinical expectations and the expectations of my patient.”

VisiClear is an advanced thermoplastic material from Myerson. Though used in dentistry for many years, it has emerged as an option for partial denture frameworks. More water-resistant than alternative flexible framework materials, VisiClear is also less prone to staining and odor.

MicroDental Laboratories offers dentists a choice of three different levels of characterization for the VisiClear partial framework, and a selection of denture teeth. Essentials VisiClear features smooth anatomy. Classic VisiClear offers gingival characterization. Macstudio VisiClear provides advanced characterization and colorization treatments.

“Due to demographic and economic trends there is a healthy and growing trend for partial dentures,” noted Len Liptak, VP of Sales and Marketing for MicroDental. “With VisiClear Partial Dentures, the goal of MicroDental is to give dentists a new option for meeting this growing need.”

For more information, visit www.microdental/dublin.

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