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Mr. Thirsty from Zirc Dental suctions twice as fast

May 29, 2013
Mr. Thirsty is also portable for ease of use

Zirc introduces Mr. Thirsty™. According to Nicolle Folven, VP of Sales and Marketing for Zirc Company, "Mr. Thirsty really changes the way dry field isolation occurs."

The traditional methods of isolation meant that dentists were having to use a lot of products just to keep the working field dry. Mr. Thirsty incorporates all of the traditional methods into one product. It attaches straight into the HVE and retracts the tongue and cheek from folding in or lying over the work area while removing fluid and debris from the field.

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The dental assistant is able to move around the operatory and perform additional tasks, such as clean another room, seat additional patients, or take X-rays. Hygienists can work steadily without constant interruption to use the saliva ejector during prophies and root planings.

Plus, Mr. Thirsty is portable. It can be taken to any operatory or dental office. Folven also noted that Mr. Thirsty is less expensive than its competitors. "Our competition charges anywhere from five to eight times as much as Mr. Thirsty." It is available in a variety of kits at an economical price.

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