Get Results creates consulting process for underserved dental practices

Feb. 5, 2013
Dental Practice 911 will combine business, marketing, clinical, and other experts in a team approach to serve practices who need more hands-on help.

Get Results Marketing and Business Coaching, creators and host of the dental practice management online radio show “The Whole Tooth,” has formed an additional corporate division to help underserved dentists who are in need of nontraditional practice-management consulting services.

The new entity, called Dental Practice 911, will combine business, marketing, clinical, and other experts in a team approach to serve practices who need more hands-on help. The focus is on offices that need more support than is normal in traditional consulting services.

Each expert will work together when a 360-degree approach and more than one set of consulting skills might be necessary to perform a total practice overhaul.

“We are so excited to combine our resources and broad skill sets for this underserved part of the dental community,” stated Richard Train.

"We have seen such a need for this service to help those who do not want to sell out to a corporation or lose ownership of their practices. Our goal is to provide training in all areas of dental practice improvement. With our combined expertise in the areas of clinical, marketing, management, and more, we are confident that practices will learn valuable skills to help them grow in any economy.”

The new venture will use a multi-person, multi-discipline team of consultants to work with its clientele during in-office and virtual training while being managed by Dental Practice 911.

The other area that Dental Practice 911 will focus on is the transformation of Get Results Marketing and Business Coaching’s free online dental talk show, “The Whole Tooth.”

“The popularity of The Whole Tooth has been enormous, with more than 80,000 downloads since its inception in the summer of 2010," Hogan Allen, president of Get Results, and co-host of the show said.

"With an average of five to seven people per practice, we have data to estimate the total reach of the show at over 250,000 dental professionals. We felt that it was time to rebrand the show based on what we hear from our current clients. The new show format for ‘Dental Practice 911 Radio’ will still have occasional guests, and focus on the every day dilemmas we see in our practice consultation to give real-world solutions.”

“Dental Practice 911 Radio” will be available online at the same site that hosted the prior show, It will also be available for download on iTunes and all shows remain free resources to listeners.

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