Have a dental practice management question? Watch videos from the experts at Jameson Management for some answers

Dr. John Jameson, Cathy Jameson, and Misty Absher Clark share proven methods for successful practice management in these videos.

The practice management consultants of Jameson Management share their words of wisdom with DentistryIQ readers through a series of videos. Several currently appear on the site, and Cathy Jameson's video about patient objections, below, is the final in the series.

In this new video, Cathy Jameson assures dentists and dental staff that just because patients raise objections – to treatment, fees, appointment time – it does not mean they're not interested in moving forward. It means they want their issues addressed.

Cathy says objections give dental staff an opportunity to address the concerns by asking the patients questions, which will help lead to a solution that makes everyone happy. Don't dread objections. It does not mean a patient is mad or is confronting you. Don't let your feelings get in the way of addressing patients' concerns.

Turning objections into positive experiences will lead to more patients accepting treatment, because you took the time to answer their questions and provide them with the information they were seeking.

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