A membership plan for dentists, by a dentist

Feb. 15, 2021
When this dental team couldn't find software that fit their needs, they developed their own. Plan Forward is transparent and easy to reconcile, like a dental membership plan should be.

Megan Lohan, founder and CEO of Plan Forward, has one piece of advice for those dentists who are thinking about adding a membership plan: don't overthink it. A membership plan adds so much value to any practice. It benefits the business and patients, and patients appreciate the practice's effort to make their lives easier.

Lohman's transition through the many business aspects of a dental practice led her and her peers to the development of Plan Forward. Unable to find what they wanted in a membership plan software platform, they developed their own. The result is a modern, transparent, and user-friendly platform that's easy to reconcile.

"For those who don't think a membership plan is necessary, the benefit and value that dentists can create to be free of insurance companies, and the benefit it will provide for uninsured patients, is invaluable," Lohan said. 

"Everything in the plan is yours, from branding to materials, so your team can learn it quickly and explain it to patients easily," she added. 

Learn more about why Plan Forward could be a great fit for your practice.

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