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Assistants Product News

March 1, 2003

"The Assistant"

Anodia Systems, a leader in waterline device technology, has developed "The Assistant" to facilitate the purging of dental unit water lines. It contains the splatter and aerosols when the lines are being purged. Waterline products that require time for their product to work may cause dripping of the product from the end of the water lines. "The Assistant" holds these lines so that if any product percolates out during this time period, it retains the product to prevent a possible mess.

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The unit is an open-ended container that attaches to the high-speed suction. The other end, the top, has four holes. The top holds four waterlines (two handpiece hoses and two air/water syringes). A person may purge four waterlines at one time.

"The Assistant" is a time-saver and a means to reduce possible aerosol contamination and splatter affecting dental personnel.

For more information, call (866) 246-2548 or visit

ZATA Brusher B. Boa — new this season!

ZATAs are designed to make your educational efforts memorable and effective.

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An educational guide accompanies every ZATA, and the Web site —(www. teachingaid. com) — now boasts a customer idea exchange area for you to give and get great educational ideas for any dental discussion.

ZATAs can strengthen your patient relationships, save you time, and reduce stress for you and your audience.

Each incorporates a puppet design, is approximately 15 inches seated, and includes an oversize toothbrush and water squirter. Six unique characters are now available. Call (800) 919-0077 or visit

New pedo-size Topex® dual-arch trays

Sultan Dental Products extends its existing line of high-quality Topex® disposable dual-arch fluoride trays with the addition of new pedo size (Item 32010).

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The new aqua pedo trays are significantly smaller than the industry's current standard (yellow) small trays. They are ideal for smaller patients, as their proper fit facilitate an effective fluoride application resulting in less trimming, less chair time, and happier patients.

Like all Topex disposable dual-arch trays, new pedo size are anatomically correct with raised ridges for comfort and interproximal placement of fluoride. Interlocking handles make placement and removal of tray easy and comfortable for even the youngest of patients. The tray's 3 ml fill-lines help you to dispense the ideal amount of fluoride. All Topex trays are color-coded by size for easy identification. Buy one, get one free for added value! To place an order, call your dealer or Sultan Dental Products at (800) 238-6739 or visit