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Tuesday Tip from Pride Institute: It’s the little things in your dental practice

April 26, 2016
Dental patients will notice the little things that you do to spruce up you office and promote excellence. This week's Tip refers to a book about excellence and the many ideas you can apply to a successful practice.
I recently received a book as a gift. The title is “Little Big Things—163 Ways to Pursue Excellence,” by Tom Peters. The only thing “little” about it is the word in the title. The book has 516 pages packed full of ideas to make a difference in your business. One of the things I like most about it is that most of the ideas are truly universal principles. They’re not just applicable to business, but to life in general.

The concept is that small stuff matters, a lot! Excellence in a business depends on each and every team member. Idea No. 2 is to have every team member share an idea of a small improvement at each team meeting. Choose one of the ideas and put it into practice immediately.

Can anyone guess what idea No. 1 is? (Pause) Restrooms! Exceptionally clean, attractive, and creative restroom décor is key. Have you used your patient restroom lately, really looked at it with the eyes of a patient? A small investment can fix it up to become an area your patients appreciate and even comment about. Regular restroom inspections throughout the day by team members will keep it exceptionally clean and attractive.

Ideas five through eight are on the topic of excellence. Mr. Peters says, “Excellence is so cool. It’s so heartening. It’s so soaring and inspiring. It’s so worth getting out of bed for. It’s so healthy. It’s so helpful to others. It’s so good for your morale. It turns on your customers and is profitable as hell. When the going gets tough…get excellent.”

Crises will occur, and when they do, communication is key. It is a test of character. Be thoughtful and “exhibit a level of decency that knows no bounds,” Mr. Peters write in ideas nine through 12. This is not usually easy, and that’s what makes it a “little big thing.” Be resilient, fail your way to success, and “hold ’em, never fold ‘em,” he writes.

The author followed up “Little Big Things” with “46 Strategies/Secrets to Surviving.” His ideas are as relevant in down times as in good times. You’ll have to read the book to lean his strategies. I think it’s very worth your time!

I will end today’s Tip with Ideas 21 through 25. In order to serve others, you have to take care of yourself. You are one of the main “products” that you sell. Smile, show gratitude, and be enthusiastic!

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