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The battle for music in the dental office

April 25, 2016
What type of music do you play in your dental office? While you may think your latest taste in music is perfect for the day, think again. There's a peaceful way to resolve the music issue.
I don't want to brag, but I think I have great taste in music. Of course, everyone says that about themselves. As I type this, I'm listening to, an Internet radio playlist that allows listeners to pick a country, a decade, and a mood, and then stream. If you're as pretentious as I am, set it to France/1960s/weird, and in just a few minutes you'll feel ready to direct an artsy independent film.

But I recognize that music in the practice should focus more on keeping the patients happy and less about satisfying my own weird tastes. What music do patients like? According to Billboard, I should play pop country and pop rock. I don't care how many albums they've sold; you'll hear Nickelback in my office over my dead body.

Do you fight with the rest of your office team about what to listen to? In an age of radio, Internet radio, satellite radio, and MP3s, surely there must be practical solutions to keep the peace, right?

First of all, I think traditional radio is terrible for the dental practice. My main reason for saying this are the distracting commercial breaks. Don't you just love working on a patient when a spot for another dentist comes over the airwaves?

Here's what we do in my practice. I have Sirius satellite radio running throughout. We pick a reasonable station like "80s on 8" or “The Spectrum," which generally play inoffensive, fun tunes. Additionally, computers in each operatory can pull up Internet radio, such as, so that we can choose more specific artists when necessary. If my assistant looks a little stressed, I can dial up some Frankie Avalon (she's an old soul) to cheer her up without disturbing the hygiene patient in the next room, who’s enjoying reliving the ‘80s.

Do you have a creative solution to keep the music flowing in your office? Let me know!