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Jan. 23, 2013
PhoneRover helps dental offices communicate with patients in ways they prefer.

PhoneRover announces the general availability of its patient messaging and notification service to dental offices. Previously available to primary health-care and medical specialists, dental offices can now use PhoneRover to communicate with patients via automated voice calls, SMS text messages, and through the telephone on-hold channel.

Patient messaging and notification capabilities include appointment reminders, cancellation and reschedule notices, preventive care messages, billing reminders, and post-appointment follow-up calls. Additional notifications include expiring benefits and flex spending reminders, birthday messages, and doctor-approved dental heath segments that are broadcast to callers waiting on hold.
PhoneRover’s health segments are updated monthly and cover a wide range of topics designed to help patients and their families be more informed and aware of matters pertaining to oral health. "We just log into PhoneRover's website, and from our message library we can choose which custom practice messages and health segments we want our callers to hear, and the background music to go with it," says Michele Tuck, office manager for Michael R. Dorociak, DDS, MAGD.

Brian Maguire, PhoneRover’s cofounder and CEO states, “Our service performs the time consuming tasks of answering callers’ most frequently asked questions and making reminder calls, which frees staff to better serve their patients’ immediate needs. We are really excited about applying our technology and medical sector experiences to help dental practices better engage their patients.”

PhoneRover is a web-based, Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that is administered from any PC or device with an Internet connection. It integrates with most practice management and scheduling software packages to accommodate the delivery of unique messages for any scenario, including multiple doctors, different locations, and specific procedure instructions.

Christy Brandt, office manager at Advanced Family Practice, PLLC shares, “Getting started with PhoneRover’s appointment reminder calls was easier than expected because they walked me through every step. They offered a 30-day free trial to make it even easier.”

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