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I Heart Guts introduces tooth plush pillow

April 9, 2013
This is the company's first dental-related plushWhat do

What do a purple gall bladder, a blue brain, a green spleen, and a white tooth all have in common? They're all plush pillows offered by I Heart Guts, the creative company behind the colorful, internal organ plush toys. With the new plush tooth toy, this is the company's first entry into the dental scene. The tooth's name? Flossin' Ain't Just for Gangstas.

Internal organ toys, you ask? Yes, if they're colorful and whimsical with smiley faces, even internal organs can be cute and fun. They're good for future doctors or dentists, and like any toy, can offer comfort to an upset child. They make good gifts for those in the related professions, i.e., ENTs, dermatologists, optomitrists, etc. A dental practice that treats children may consider the plush tooth as part of its decor. Or the dentist/boss may give the plush toys as gifts to his or her employees.

According to the I Heart Guts website, the plush toys are the brainchild of "anatomically obsessed illustrator Wendy Bryan." She started the line with t-shirts in 2005, and expanded to plush toys in 2007. Her line expanded as medical professionals heard about it and wanted their specialty represented, for example, diabetics wanted a pancreas theme, and labor and deliver nurses requested a uterus theme. Dentists wanted to be represented too!

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There are currently about 35 I Heart Guts plush toys. A couple of testimonials read: "I recently had my thyroid removed and my surgeon was amazing. When I went to my follow-up appointment, I gave him a plush thyroid and he exclaimed, 'Where did you get this?' He loved it!"

"I am 10 years old and I want to be a doctor when I grow up. Your products help in about 7 hundred billion ways! Your cartoony guts with the cute little faces make learning anatomy so much fun! I'm trying to collect them all."

I Heart Guts toys have been featured in numerous magazines, newspapers, and even some TV shows, including Grey's Anatomy.

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