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How can dentists get started with porcelain veneers? SmileSimplicity's Concierge Program

July 16, 2014
SmileSimplicity strives to make offering porcelain veneers as easy as possible for dentists

There are some terrific revenue-generators available to dentists, but sometimes learning how to use them can create a roadblock. SmileSimplicity wants to make their porcelain veneers easy and accessible for dentists, so they created the new Concierge Program.

Through this complimentary program, SmileSimplicity’strained specialists act as each participating office’s adjunct “staff,” offering extensive technique instruction, ongoing case consultations, marketing support materials, patient referrals, and the opportunity to double or triple veneer cases.

Dr. Michael A. Schneider took advantage of the program, and he encourages his peers to do the same. "The training from SmileSimplicity taught me to do constructive vs. destructive dentistry, and it helps me give my patients what they want," he said. "The training was concise and allowed me to take what I learned in the classroom and apply it in my office the very next day. I was able to transform my practice from being driven soley on what my patients need to also what they want, so it allowed me to expand my practice, provide more dentistry, and have a better income.”

Through the Concierge Program, participating dentists receive:
• Case consultations and technique instruction
• Assurance that SmileSimplicity porcelain veneers are made by technicians with extensive experience in creating margin-free, prepless veneers
• Patient referrals through SmileSimplicity’s referral service
• Marketing support materials
• A satisfaction guarantee

“Most dental practices have little time for learning and implementing new, in-demand procedures, let alone marketing them,” said Pam Orsini, director of clinical dentistry for SmileSimplicity. “We not only provide all the SmileSimplicity porcelain veneers training necessary, but we're available to advise on each case, every step of the way.

To begin participation, dentists may send in a model for a complimentary consultation. For more information, call (888) 543-1143 or visit